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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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patrick dylan junior, you are our midnight hero. thanks for putting a smile on our face, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> hiding underneath to the left and this array here over-the-top but i was able to get him. >> thursday, april 4th and this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, nearly 200 apprehensions in just hours in the rio grande valley. fox news cameras look at this, getting the first or front row seat to the crisis washington refuses to address. we are live from the border with video you won't see anywhere else. 2020 roadblock, tim ryan on the verge of the white house run.
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how that could upset the roadmap for progressives and getting face time with fans on their way to court. actress lori laughlin may be facing jail time but that won't interfere with her fame. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ shannon: good morning to you. time to wake up from dreamtime and join us on "fox and friends first," live shot of new york
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city, finally feeling like spring, thursday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. we start with this fox news exclusive, venus up close, look at the crisis at the border and the rio grande valley, this comes as the trump administration battles illegal immigration and democratic pushback, griff jenkins is live firsthand how difficult the job has become for border agents, good morning. >> it is up job. there is a perception that all of these families are surrendering to border patrol, many are. 180 did yesterday but sometimes they don't want to be caught and capturing them can be a tough job. >> unbelievably difficult. these men rushing through here, this is the first one we found.
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bugs, snakes, spiders. this is the spotlight, very they are. they have two more. >> this one was hiding underneath to the left and this one right here got up in the brush and was running southbound but i got him. >> this is the brush underneath here where i am where the last illegal crosser was laid down, had to crawl in like this. >> bushes and forms. it's just treacherous. and eight of the 11 were captured, they expect today's numbers to be around 1000. they've had 12 days of 1000 plus apprehensions and that is the crisis they are seeing and they are undermined because so many of these, they went in the processing center where they are matched out, they can hold 3300. they have upwards of 6000, they do not expect that to change
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because they can't process faster than they are getting inundated with crossers. behind me just steps behind me, fears among texans that it could be closed, the president saying if mexico doesn't do more to stop this surge he will close the border. senator ted cruz issuing this statement saying the answer is not to punish those legally crossing the border, the answer is not to punish texas farmers and ranchers and small businesses, closing legal points of entry would harm american commerce, and trade between mexico and the united states and another note, kirsten nielsen making a trip today to arizona to see firsthand how her resources would be reality. >> unbelievable footage you brought us, thank you so much and we are glad you are okay.
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the alleged shooter in the christchurch terror attack will be charged with 50 counts of murder. is accused of gunning down dozens of people at two mosques in new zealand last month. it was the worst mass shooting in the country's history. the self-proclaimed white supremacist will also faced 39 counts of attempted murder when he appears in court tomorrow. the judge refuses to love your pictures to be taken at the hearing so as to not sway potential jurors opinions before trial begins. four adults living in italy compound were dead toddler was found will not face the death penalty. two men and two women are charged with kidnapping the boy in georgia and bringing him to new mexico where they refused to treat his seizures. the boy's father and four the suspect are facing terrorism
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charges accused of plotting attacks on police officers and government workers. they go on trial next year. state police mourning the loss of a trooper killed in the line of duty, detectives ben campbell was helping a stranded driver when a wheel flew off the truck and killed him. hundreds of first responders paying respects as his body passed by. >> when i say he was one of our best, he always saw the good in whatever was going on. >> campbell joined the department in 2012, he leaves behind a wife and 6-month-old son. campbell is the 30th officer killed in the line of duty this year. this is a remarkable story of true, a teenager tells police he is a kidnapped boy who has been missing for 7 years. officials reportedly waiting on dna tests to determine if the child is 14-year-old timothy pitts in. he claims he escaped from kidnappers at the cincinnati hotel and ran to nearby kentucky for help.
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timothy's family is optimistic. >> cautiously hopeful. very cautiously hopeful. that turns out to him we will be filled. >> timothy was last seen at a wisconsin waterpark with his mother in 2011. she later killed herself leaving behind a note saying her son was with people who would care for him but he would never be found. police now looking for two men in a ford suv with wisconsin plates. that would be remarkable. we will follow that for sure. donald trump's personal attorney slamming the justice system after the house issues a subpoena for the formal report, rudy giuliani firing back at what he calls, quote, sneaky, unethical leakers. leave and is live in washington with more on the brewing fight on capitol hill. >> good morning.
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the president and the president's attorney said a lot about the leakers and this is the latest in the new york times. from this people close to the mueller investigation, quoting officials and others interviewed declined to flesh out why some of the special counsel investigators viewed their findings as more damaging for the president than mister barr explained in his letter to congress although the report is believed to examine mister trump's efforts to support the investigation. rudy giuliani heading back. >> let me give you just one overview of obstruction. how could there be obstruction when mueller completed his investigation and nobody obstructed? what did somebody think about obstruction? that's a crime. >> the president's lawyer rudy giuliani denying that. democrats on capitol hill say they want the entire mueller report presented to them and rejected.
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>> we need to fulfill constitutional obligations with our chief constitutional obligation is to hold the president accountable especially in an instance where the department of justice says it cannot hold the president accountable. those judgments must be made by congress, not a political appointee, the attorney general. >> gerrymander once the attorney general the united states to release grand jury material, that's where we are because they are so focused on getting the president, forget about the law they helped change, forget the rule of law and how things are supposed to happen. they are all about getting the president. >> get ready for more speculation and spin over the next couple weeks. the attorney general says it could be, before he presents to congress the mueller report and the version he is comfortable with and then the fight begins over whatever redaction see has made.
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>> nadler was facing some pushback yesterday because this is the opposite of what he said in terms of the kenneth starr report. >> history as an interesting way of coming back to you on capitol hill. >> it does. >> you have been there long enough to know that for sure. congressman tim ryan announcing today he is running for president. sources tell fox news the ohio democrat will reveal his plans on the view before the official launch this weekend. brian is seen as a political moderate appealing to blue-collar voters. he challenged nancy pelosi for speaker of the house. he would join a dozen other democratic contenders so far. he hasn't made a decision on 2020 it but howard schultz will be featured in an exclusive fox news townhall. the former starbucks ceo will share his vision of america and you can watch the event live from kansas city at 6:30 p.m. eastern, and bernie sanders will
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also speak at a townhall on april 15th in pennsylvania. bret baer and martha maccallum will moderate both of those. another person considered a 2020 run, the democrat refuses to concede the georgia gubernatorial race despite losing five months ago. >> to say something is right and true you can't shame me into pretending what happened should have happened, in response to what i believe was a stolen election, not saying they still it from me, they stole it from the voters of georgia. >> abrams lost to republican brian kemp. it is deadline day for jussie smollett to pay back chicago. mayor ron emanuel build the empire after $130,000 for the cost of the police investigation last week.
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the mayor and police say he staged a hate crime and wasted valuable resources. the payment demand was sent after prosecutors dropped all charges. if he doesn't pay this he could sue him. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen adding to the arizona border today where agents are so overwhelmed they are releasing families into the streets. brandon tatum has seen the crisis firsthand. why he says it is time for everyone to take this threat seriously and joins us live. a recordbreaker for harry and megan. how they just turned social media upside down. ♪
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," taking the border crisis head on, kirsten
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nielsen arizona today to meet with border patrol agents about handling the surge of migrants, how do americans in these communities want donald trump to handle the crisis? president tatum is a police officer who joins me with more. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> i don't know if you have the opportunity to see the video griff jenkins brought to fox news. he is at the border in the rio grande valley and crawling through the bush, the number of migrants, the type of migrants crossing the border illegally has escalated in the past couple weeks. what, in your opinion, you have been on the border, what is causing this escalation in violence and arrests happening in the past couple weeks? >> it has a lot to do with the
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sanctuary state of california and the democratic party, they are actually welcoming these people and promising them refuge here and decriminalizing their actions of coming over here illegally. that is stimulating the rumors and propaganda on the border and it is shameful and it is an emergency. i don't care what any politician says. heather: what the people at the border want to see happen? the president talked about sending military troops to the border. closing the border down altogether. what do people who are there and experiencing this want to see? >> they want to be protected and feel safe. they don't want their has to be overrun in the escalation of violence and the destroying of their communities. whatever the president has to do, whatever the country decides to do we are going to go in the right direction. citizens wanted to happen. if it closes the border i
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believe most people are in favor of that if it will help us deter crime and all the negative things coming with this. shannon: do you think the threat to close the border is causing this escalation? people making a mad dash to make it into the country before that happens? >> i don't have the evidence to say that is true but using common sense i can understand it could be a contributing factor. they want to get to the border before we close the border but that's not the leading factor in coming over here. i think they feel, people do this all the time, they are relaying messages to individual still in mexico or coming from these countries in the south, they are willing messages to them, if they can just make it over here and make it to states like california everything is going to be okay which is a mess but that is the rhetoric being pushed to them and they want to come over more aggressively.
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shannon: they cross the borders and is the crossover they want to get caught, one reason being california, the ag saying illegal immigration should be decriminalized. how concerning is this when it comes from top officials in the state? we have democratic candidates, at least two so far saying as well they want to decriminalize illegal immigration. >> california should be outraged that someone in such a high position will hurt the people of california. california has fourth of american homelessness in the country. me and a couple friends were in california at a diner and i had tears in my eyes as i saw black men come into the restaurant begging us for food. like we were in a third world country. california can't take care of their own citizens. what makes them think they are going to handle tens of
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thousands of people coming into their state, where are they going to live, what resources will be provided for them? they will step over people in the country that are not getting resources, it is shameful and are these politicians that out of touch with reality or evil? one of those has to be a parent because there is a crisis at the border, illegal people coming over here, it is not safe for them to be here, they don't have social security cards, they don't have space. it is terrible all the way around and i wish they would step up and do what is right for the country and stop being fake politicians. shannon: i believe it there because you said it will. thank you for joining us, you are fired up and rightfully so this morning so we will see what happens moving forward because something needs to be done for sure. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. mark zuckerberg prioritizing
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your privacy so how do records of millions of users get exposed? the report that will make you think twice about getting your facebook fix today.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. shannon: we are back with a foxbusiness alert. facebook records are exposed on amazon's cloud service as the social media giant was caught asking users to share personal passwords. jillian turner has the story. >> facebook caught red-handed asking its users to share their personal email passwords with platform. >> someone has to be going upstairs in mark zuckerberg is going who authorized the center reinforces the notion that
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facebook doesn't care about your privacy. >> users were interrupted by a prompt asking for the password associated with their facebook profile, uses like e sushi describes the experience as a next step to logon. facebook claims it was a simple security measure, part of a process they call two step authentication and insists, quote, these passwords are not stored. less than the company did admit to storing hundreds of millions of user passwords. in an email to fox news facebook deflected blame saying users have other options. >> it would require the eyesight of a falcon and discern what all the small print was at the bottom because it was not easily accessible for the average user. >> facebook is recalibrating writing we understand the password verification option isn't the best way to go about this so we are going to stop offering it. experts remind people that
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legitimate companies usually steer clear of asking users for their passwords and for good reason. this comes just a few months after facebook was exposed sharing its users phone numbers with advertisers. >> six states and the district of columbia suing the trump administration over rollbacks to the school lunch program. the new rules we can requirements for sodium and whole grains. the lawsuit changes -- says the changes are illegal because the government wasn't seeking public opinion given a next the nation for them. the rules were part of michelle obama's let's move campaign. the usda is not commenting. house democrats demanding the irs provide donald trump's personal and business tax returns. the president dismissing the request after learning they want documents from the past 6 years. >> is that all?
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usually it is 10. i guess they are giving up. we are under audit but despite what people said, we are working that out. >> ways and means committee chairman richard nielsen an official letter to the irs giving the agency until wednesday to respond. joe biden facing fresh back lash, three new women just came forward accusing him of inappropriate conduct. >> social norms have begun to change. protecting personal space has been reset and i get it. i get it. >> some say his words are not enough. ♪ you don't have to worry.
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>> welcome back. a look at todd headlines this morning, starting with a fox news alert, cameras given up
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close look as the border patrol catches illegal immigrants. nearly 200 people rounded up in a matter of hours. elaine security secretary kirsten nielsen is touring the southern border today. the house judiciary committee authorizing a subpoena of robert mueller's for report, democrats want all the material evidence from the special counsel's investigation into the alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election, the panel took action even after attorney general william barr told congress intended to release the unredacted report later this month. sources told foxnews congressman tim ryan will announce he is running for president today. the ohio democrat is seen as a political moderate with blue-collar voters, he challenged nancy pelosi in 2016. breaking overnight, three new women accuse joe biden of
1:32 am
inappropriate behavior hours after the former vice president released a video confronting the allegations. the latest as democrats remain divided. >> we are now at we 7 women and for some they are all painting a cringe worthy picture of the former vice president who is expected to make a 2020 run for the white house, the latest three women are sophie and allie who told the washington post about some uncomfortable run ins with the former vp so, biden pressed his for head against hers making her feel uncomfortable. connor said the same thing and she added biden also called her a pretty girl and said he squeezed her shoulder, complement her smile and held her too long, this is the vice president just released a video in which he doesn't really apologize but vows to be more
1:33 am
mindful. some women say it is not enough. >> it is about taking selfys together. social norms began to change and the boundaries of personal space is set. >> i would like to think perhaps this is a time of realization and self-awareness for mister biden. time will tell. but i think no one should define another person's boundaries, period. >> democrats are divided over his actions. kamala harris saying she believes the victims and commend them for coming forward but the former vp simply needs to understand his warmth may be misinterpreted by some people. >> interesting also how the obamas have been very silent on
1:34 am
this. democratic leaders like nancy pelosi struggling to respond to the latest allegations against joe biden in light of the brett kavanaugh crusade. commentator and author heather mcdonald's says they said a new standard for what is offensive. >> we are supposed to be for diverse city. how about accepting the diversity the older generation that has a different style of engagement, has not been terrorized into frigid self-criticism by feminist harpies that cannot understand that there are different human beings, different ways of relating to people. this is going to end norman -- normal human intercourse as we know it if they are allowed to get away with this. these females that there was nothing sexual about it. the conversation should end there but the new standard now
1:35 am
feminists are sitting is they determine by their subjective experience the character of experiences was no reasonable person standard, certainly not going to accept the males view that as biden said i had no intention to offend anybody. i was not intending anything sexual. none of that matters now. if a feminist feels offended, then the interaction is offensive. that is a recipe for chaos and alienation. >> prior to the allegations biden was widely rumored to join the crowd 2020 field as the front runner. virginia's lieutenant governor is trying to prove innocence of sexual assault allegations. justin fairfax calling on prosecutors in massachusetts and north carolina to investigate after two women accused him of sexual assault, fairfax denies the allegations and is releasing
1:36 am
polygraph tests to the media. senate republicans are going nuclear. lawmakers voting to cut debate time from 30 hours to two hours. the change does not apply to cabinet positions or federal judges. senate democrats oppose the move they were joined by republicans susan collins and mike lee. mitch mcconnell says it was necessary to prevent democrat obstruction. alexandria ocasio cortez calls a new complaint bogus, congresswoman enters campaign manager, to raise more cash than he could bring illegally. the complaint claims the manager who is now her chief of staff offered she for consulting services to her and other democrats. the first complaint filed last month accused the campaign of directing $885,000 in donations.
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the queen of country is about to be the queen of the racetrack. ♪ working 9-to-5 ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ getting by ♪ >> reporter: dolly parton sponsoring her own race car. tyler reddick will speed off at a race this weekend and dolly's home state of tennessee. that is awesome. let's see that. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump putting the crisis at the border ahead of the economy. >> security is more important to me than trade. shannon: what message does that send voters with 2020 on the horizon which are voter panel is here to weigh in. ♪ choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win.
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>> trading is very important, borders are very important, security is most important. you will hear me talking about trade but let me give you, security is more important to me than trade. we are going to have a strong border, or we are going to have a close to border. >> the president vowing to put the safety of americans first even if the economy takes a bit. is that what the american voters want? we invited a panel to weigh in. joining us is aaron comey and green mcnally, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. hearing directly from the voters and what they want. i will start with you. what do you think? is that something you are in favor of? >> absolutely. i do believe it's one of the first priorities, to defend our country.
1:42 am
>> what about you? >> i'm surprised this is donald trump's take considering how much the economy and businesses meant to him, this wasn't what i expected, the position i expected him to take, the effect this could have on the economy. >> i agree with the gentleman who just spoke. i don't see this, especially how he is so into the economy, so many people telling them this will be good for the economy. it seems a deflection to take away from the economy to get people to focus on the border. shannon: one of those people who does question the economics of it when it comes to shutting down the border altogether was ted cruz.
1:43 am
we have a statement from him where he said the answer is not to punish those crossing the border, not to punish texas farmers and manufacturers and small businesses. in his opinion it would come at a cost in terms of the economy so he is tying both together as you were just mentioning. back to you. you said you do agree with the president in terms of protecting the country and border security being more important than the economy. >> just look at what new york state legislation, the budget, they just voted this past week, $27 million, free college for illegals, we are paying the bill. they do the majority, i do understand there's a lot of people out there that want to come to america like i did. i'm from brazil. >> you are a legal immigrant. >> i went through all the processes. it was hard.
1:44 am
it is not easy but was worth it every step of the way. they do know how to work the system. some people say if i have a child the government will give me a chance. we are paying for that in many ways. we -- what we need in my opinion is congress to get to work and do what they are supposed to. we need immigration reform. shannon: you consider yourself a moderate when it comes to issues and political issues so speaking of congress needing to do some work does this sway you one way or another when it comes to republicans or democrats? >> i see families on both sides and agree there needs to be action taken to reform the immigration system but one of the key points to realize is if illegal immigration is made
1:45 am
easier illegal immigration will go down. but there needs to be drastic entitlements to entitlement programs because taxpayers shouldn't have to carry a burden. >> fixing illegal immigration is something several administrations have been trying to deal with and no one seems to have been able to do anything until this point so we are at this point where we have 53,000 border apprehensions on average per month so what do you think we need to do. we have an election coming up, democratic candidates coming forward with their solutions to the problem, two of those saying we should decriminalize illegal immigration. >> by decriminalize it, it would work. when you see a number like 53,000 am a to me it seems as if the people on the border are doing their job. they are stopping the flow of
1:46 am
illegal immigrants. that would come to harm us or harm our economy. i don't see a need to shut that down because approximately 1.2 billion people cross over legally a day that are helping our economy. i am more afraid -- i was in northeast ohio and this morning i drive past the lord's town and they closed and these people -- and seeing the economy collapse, you see a lot more things tend to go negative. shannon: we appreciate all of you coming on so early. great to hear from people out there who will be heading to the polls and making a difference in terms of who you vote for. have a great day.
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is this federal court or a red carpet? fans fawning over lori laughlin as she faces the judge. do they care that she's accused of bribing and cheating to get her daughter into college? carly shimkus is here to share reaction up next.
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and if you don't like a book just swap it for free. enjoy 100% ad free listening in the car, on your phone or any connected device. and when you switch a device pick up right where you left off. with our commitment free guarantee, there's never been a better time to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ >> welcome back. lori laughlin signing autographs to fans on her way to court. >> my favorite movie of all time.
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heather: does that send the wrong message? carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the online reaction. >> a surreal sort of scene, lori laughlin signing autographs heading into court but she does have her fans still which is good for her. kind of surprising because of the backlash and fallout. she has been smiling throughout this whole process. every news article that is written talks about how she has a big warm smile when she landed at logan airport, sign autographs as well but the attitude has been a topic of conversation on social media. charles says to liberty trump's character in our broken culture, cheryl tweets we live in an upside down world. poor optics, poor judgment. i think she is smiling as a way
1:52 am
to show strength and confidence, she's done nothing wrong and hasn't entered a plea yet. >> reverse psychology and she's a mom of two girls who are going through a lot and has to hold together for them. let's talk about this next. the event that is going on, the clintons on a speaking tour being joined by ben stiller. >> they will go on a speaking tour, a celebrity will join them. one of those liberties, ben stiller took to twitter saying i'm planning to do a deep dive on economic policy, healthcare and please study up, hillary clinton. he's probably joking. other celebrities that will be joining them at various times throughout their tour. social media talking about this but josh was saying they need people who can draw a crowd. former president bill clinton
1:53 am
can draw a crowd and another twitter user says under the illusion that hollywood swings votes. >> let's talk about the prince and princess. >> breaking situation. they have joined instagram this weekend they broke a guinness book of world records reaching 1 million followers in the shortest period of time. congratulations to the duke and duchess, a new instagram account reached 1 million followers in less than 6 hours beating out the pope. when twitter user says the grand game. i love that tweet and another person on social media posted this meme in response. i like that. 3.3 million. >> megan was on it separately and that is what happened.
1:54 am
>> you can't have your own account anymore. the kensington royale account, breaking another rule. >> he wouldn't want her own pictures out there anyway. pictures live on forever. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and catering to criminals, the state sparking outrage for banning police from releasing mugshots. brad paisley getting his hands a little dirty for those in need, trading in his cowboy hat for a construction helmet.
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heather: chick-fil-a getting an unlikely ally after getting banned from a new york airport. the aclu buffaloes airport, the aclu defending them. buffaloes airport canceled plans to add the restaurant because it donates to conservative groups. the aclu's new york affiliates as government actors cannot officially silence or take punitive action based on a personal private entities political viewpoints. the san antonio airport band chick-fil-a. the company says it has no political agenda and does not discriminate. mugshots now banned in new york,
1:59 am
state police. releasing the photos after making arrests. if police are searching for a suspect that has a past mugshots, the change comes as part of andrew cuomo's proposed budget and some law enforcement agencies say they believe they can and will still release them legally. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. brad paisley breaking ground on the store that will provide free groceries for people in need. >> where you place this is important. right at this edge of where gentrification is happening and it is the perfect place. >> construction in nashville expected to wrap up by the end of the year. two drivers jump to safety when their racecar burst into flames. you see them releasing their harnesses, leaping out the
2:00 am
window as flames and black smoke filled the car in argentina. no word what sparked that fire and finally the ugly. why did the pig cross the road? to get bread rolls apparently. police in massachusetts using sandwich rolls to lure the massive hog off the street after he broke out of its pen and will only go home if offered to treat. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: this is the fox news alert and a firsthand look at the situation at the border like we've never seen before. jillian: griff jenkins was on the ground with agents working around the clock and through the night to secure entry points. is live from the epicenter of the national emergency. >> social morets of begin to change and protecting personal


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